Basic Troubleshooting
Simple Problems & Simple Repairs 

Although not all of us are expert in terms of phone repair knowledge and shortcuts doesn’t mean that we won’t actually try to be somehow literate about it. You might encounter some problems like frequent apps crash, sound delay, recurrent signal disconnection, and it really is aggravating.  

Technology should be seamless, but you will find that your cell phone doesn’t always perform as flawlessly as you want. You might want to try these solutions for ordinary problems. However, don’t take apart the phone yourself. Trying to fix your phone by taking it apart will void the warranty. So things go serious don’t hesitate to contact your local mobile provider. 

🚫Power Failure 

This is an elementary fix. You might sometime encounter that your phone suddenly doesn’t turn-on and it could also happen in the middle of usage. Try to pin-point if the problem is the battery or not then do a power-cycle (soft reset). Clean the internal battery slot, of course; recharge the battery, if you find rust or corrosion on the battery, and wipe it off with a stiff brush. If the problem still persists, try to do a hard reset. 

🚫Screen Failure 

If your display is not working, it may be due to extreme temperatures. Let your phone come to room temperature. Your display should come back up. 

🚫Voice Failure 

If you have problems while talking, you might check to make sure the battery is not low. Move toward a window if you are inside or go outside to get better reception. Lower grounds, elevators, and closed area interfere with cell phone reception.  If you get continually static, this is the time you need to see a technician. 

🚫Sound Failure 

It really is annoying to not receive calls at some important time. Confirm that your call forwarding or automatic voice control is not activated. Check the ringer volume and confirm that your rings are not in the silent mode. 

🚫Apps Crash 

Above all the daily phone problems we encounter; this is the most common and recurrent. Verify first if you do not have a large amount of pictures, videos, applications, messages, call logs, or other files saved to the devices by checking the available memory. If your phone has less than 5% of its total free memory then it will really respond slowly. 

📱Move any media files to a memory card or deleting files to free up memory. 

📱Make sure you are not running multiple applications at the same time. 

📱Browser failure; verify if your phone has at least 2 bars of signal strength, as this can impact data speeds. 

📱Phone capability; refer to your phone's user guide to confirm whether your phone is 3G capable.