Common Repairs 

It is not guaranteed that every hardware problem with your phone can be easily repaired. Well, others can, however remember it can void the warranty. Here are some of the most common types of repairs and concerns you'll need to be aware of with them. 

🔧 BROKEN SCREEN/DIGITIZER: You'll need to disassemble your device if you will fix a broken screen on your phone. It can be either fairly simple and cheap or extremely expensive. In some cases, the glass and digitizer may be fused together which makes a replacement unit very expensive. If the display is not fused to the glass, you may be able to replace either the glass by itself or the glass and digitizer.  

🔧 HEADPHONE JACKS: Headphone jacks are relatively easy and cheap to replace, but this assumes you can get in.Headphone jack units are usually self contained and plug directly into the motherboard, though they are sometimes attached to the speaker assembly.  

🔧 LOOSE/STUCK BUTTONS: Buttons can be replaced roughly as easily as the phone itself is to open. Most buttons are attached via cables to the motherboard and they can be very delicate, so be careful when re-attaching new hardware. You can buy replacements for most hardware buttons in a handset and swap them out without too many problems. However, if you're uncomfortable cracking open your phone, you can solve a lot of button problems with software. 

🔧 CAMERA REPLACEMENT: It's rare for camera hardware to break outside of a cracked lens, however internally, camera sensors are relatively easy to replace. The unit is usually attached by a single cable, but if the glass is cracked you can sometimes replace the exterior glass without actually removing the camera from the motherboard.  

Doing self repair of your phone can save your budget. However, before doing so make sure you're confident enough with your capabilities. So to be sure, better bring your phone to the professionals and leave it to them.