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About Us

How big is your eco footprint? If you're like most of us, it's probably bigger than you'd like. When you're taking steps to lead a more eco-friendly life, you're likely to think of reducing paper waste, using less plastic and recycling glass and metal. But what about being green when it comes to your gadgets?

When our cell phones or other gadgets break, our first instinct is to go out and buy new ones and throw the old ones away. This is far from eco-friendly, as vital minerals, metal and plastics are used to manufacture cell phones and gadgets, and when you simply toss your old, broken models, you're wasting these materials.

Bigfoot Repair was established to help you decrease the size of your eco footprint by repairing your gadgets instead of throwing them away. The founder of our repair shop has years of experience repairing all types of cell phones and many other types of gadgets and can often perform repairs for a fraction of replacement costs. When we repair your gadget, we'll give you the option of selecting new parts or used parts taken from other gadgets. We also accept cell phones and gadgets that are beyond repair for recycling to help you reduce waste.

At Bigfoot Repair, we are as dedicated to providing first-rate customer service as we are to protecting the planet. We offer affordable rates on our repair work, and we're always up front about the cost of a project, so there are no surprises when it comes time to pay. All of our repairs are backed by a one-year guarantee on both our new and used replacement parts.

If you have a broken gadget, contact Bigfoot Repair to learn more about our cell phone repairs. We can help you make your eco footprint a little less big and get your gadget working once again.